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Silver Service

Basic Inspection - $119.99
1986 and Newer Cars

Included in our Bumper to Bumper Comprehensive Inspection:

Engine, Transmission, Differential - Evaluating engine performance, listening for unusual and abnormal sounds, transmission performance, verifying smooth shifting through all gears while thoroughly checking all components for oil leaks.

Electrical System - Evaluating Starting and Charging Systems, Exterior Lighting, Horn Operation, and Safety Accessories (Seat Belts, Turn Signals Air Bags, Etc).

Brake System - Verify Smooth Braking Operation, No Pulsations, Vibrations, No Pulling, ABS and Traction Controls Operation

Steering - Power Steering Operation, evaluating steering for excessive play resulting in wandering, pulling or alignment issues. included is a tire condition report.

Suspension - Assuring the vehicle's ride is smooth, no vibrations, or unusual shakes, rattles or rolls.

Climate Control - Air Conditioning and Heating Operation. Fan Control Temperature Control, Ac Compressor and operation

Accessories - Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Power Seats, Cruise Control, CD/DVD Players, Sunroofs, Heated Seats, Tilt/Telescopic Steering.

Interior condition report- verifying condition, cuts scratches and that wear is consistent with age and mileage on the vehicle.

Body condition report - carefully searching out those scratches, dings, dents, or evidence of accident damage including the frame.
With a road test of the vehicle bringing the engine and transmission to operating temperature results in a more accurate evaluation.
Est. Car Value.

Gold Service

Premium Inspection - $149.99
1996 and Newer Cars

Includes everything in the Silver Package and in addition includes a computer analysis and code scanning revealing a potential or hidden problems.

Platinum Service

Inspection - $199.99
Classic, Muscle, or Exotic Cars

Inspection Fee is slightly higher due to the many hours that go into the preparation on these class of automobiles.

RV Motorhome Service

Inspection - $299.99

Mechanical Evaluation, Interior and Exterior Condition Report Verifying operation of all Accessories, Appliances, including air conditioning unit. Detectors, and Generator operation.